My yoga passion springs from the teaching of teachers. In the current paradigm, yoga teachers have been certified and left with inadequate knowledge and skills to be competitive in an over-populated industry. My work is to provide the keys that fill in the confidence-gaps that hold you back. Teaching Mastery is within your reach.

I have been trained as a Vinyasa teacher by Jonny Kest at Center for Yoga in Detroit, MI. This training was a window into furthering my path with Ashtanga Yoga and Meditation. I am currently refining my Ashtanga teaching skills under the guidance of Greg Nardi and Amanda Palermo of Ashtanga Yoga Worldwide in Fort Lauderdale, FL.


The best yoga teachers are devoted students. Science research is quickly uncovering the understanding of yoga as a healing art, and it is our obligation as teachers to offer this information. My educational background includes a Master of Science in Physiology. A subsequent career in neuroendcrinology and developmental biology continues to inform my yoga teaching today.

This resource will provide you with in-depth information on all aspects of the yoga tradition including asana, physical and subtle body anatomy, yin yoga, meditation, and more.


The contemplative process weaves through the philosophy and myth of the practice, and the practice lays the ideas at my feet. From movement and breath, I gather these words and offer them here

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